Amy- Little changes add up to big results!

Amy“My original goal when I started working out was to lose my baby weight. When I heard about the 28 day challenge I thought what do I have to lose but more weight so why not try it??

I have done fad diets in the past and lost a lot of weight quickly but I would always gain it back so I decided I wanted to make a life style change, knowing this would take longer but I know there is no substitute for hard work and dedication.

Through this process I have learned so much! I have learned that food prep is key, it makes it so easy! Another important lesson I have learned is healthy food CAN taste good! The first few days were tough for me, I didn’t have any energy and just felt rough, but after the first 3 days I began to see a huge difference in my energy level, my skin, my mood, etc!!!

The main difference with this plan is I didn’t find myself craving things that I would not normally even want just because I was on a “diet”. I loved having healthy “go to” snacks! I purchased the Beauty Fit protein powder in Sin-o-bun and absolutely loved it!! It made me look forward to every afternoon when I got my “treat”.

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"I like the smaller classes and the variety."