Do I have to sign up for specific days and locations or can I just drop in?
We use a professional online scheduling system to schedule classes and manager your account. Once you are registered you may book any available classes at any location online unless you have been otherwise instructed. If any classes or groups are sold out, our registration page will be updated so you will know in advance of purchasing your boot camp.
Do we go outside for Boot Camps when we meet at the studio?
Yes as long as it’s not TOO cold or cold AND wet. Otherwise, always arrive prepared to run/walk a little right after your warm-up in the studio. More information is provided in your Handbook when you sign up.
How many days a week should I attend Boot Camp?
That depends on your fitness goals and whether or not you will exercise on your own. To make changes in your body, you will need to exercise most days of the week. It’s best to train with a professional as many days a week as possible. See our schedule to find the days, times and locations that work for you.
I have "bad" knees, a back, shoulder etc. Can I attend Boot Camp?
With your doctors approval, we are happy to work with you in class. We find that these conditions can sometimes be helped with proper form, strengthen exercises, and modifications. In the meantime, we can work around any sensitive areas so you do not do more damage.
If I am doing Boot Camp at the park, what happens if there is bad weather?
We meet rain or shine! However, class will be canceled and a make-up session scheduled if our areas is under a severe weather warning at any time during our scheduled time.
What do I need to bring?
Just a positive attitude and a water bottle! There is a water fountain at the studio if you need to refill. We provide clean mats, towels, and ANY equipment used during class. Just dress in comfortable, weather appropriate clothes and a good pair of shoes!
What does "Limited Class Schedule" during Holidays mean?
We will offer as many classes as possible during the Holidays. After all, your body doesn’t really know it’s a Holiday and we know you want to stay as consistent as possible! However, since attendance is usually lower during the this time, we reserve the right to cancel or "combine" classes instead of offering as many choices. We will usually offer a five-week session during the months with Holidays as much as possible so you have plenty of time to get your classes in!
"Love the boot camp format, the variety of the workout from visit to vist, the encouraging trainers, and the progress you can make"