Niki G Boot Camp is super! Niki pushes you but at the level that each person needs individually. All equipment is provided and workouts are well-rounded to provide a full-body workout. It never gets dull! Compared to other programs this one gives you the most for your money. I love it!”

-A.C Brentwood, TN


All packages are good for any class, any time, and at any location. Our online scheduler allows for easy, flexible scheduling. Members are required to plan ahead, schedule and commit to class times, and keep their schedule up-to-date, but may attend different times and days throughout the month.



$99 One Month Unlimited. Enroll Now>

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Outdoor Boot CampUltimate Boot Camp 

$220 per month (see session schedule)

Unlimited classes  Best Results!

Basic Boot Camp

$180 per month (see session schedule)

Three Days per week (12 classes) Great Results

Mini-Boot Camp

$140 per month (see session schedule)

Two Days Per Week (8 classes)

Good for maintaining your fitness level or supplementing other fitness training

The 8 and 12 classes can be taken at anytime over the four week boot camp session.

Early Bird Specials

20% off all Monthly Packages (purchased 3 weeks in advance)

Drop-in Packages

By popular request, Niki G’s Fitness is now offering “Drop-in” packages. Each package will have a 90 day! expiration and are for classes only.

The new drop-in packages will allow for more flexibility while the Niki G Monthly Boot Camp Packages you are probably familiar with are still the most economical way to train with us AND get the most out of your classes!

If you are someone who travels frequently or has an unpredictable schedule, you may be interested in trying one of our new Drop-in packages.

All Current Monthly Packages are still being offered and the new packages will NOT replace the packages we have offered at the same prices since we began in April of 2009.

 Drop-in Package Options

1 CLASS         $20

5 CLASSES     $95

10 CLASSES   $175

15 CLASSES   $255

20 CLASSES   $330      

30 CLASSES   $420

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"Love the boot camp format, the variety of the workout from visit to vist, the encouraging trainers, and the progress you can make"