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“I feel good about myself!! When I started 3 months ago, it was an embarrassing reality check. I’m an active mom to 3 kids, I didn’t think I was that out of shape. I realized in my first workout, I had ZERO core strength! I started off using the 2 and 3 lb weights, I look at those now, and laugh, they seem sooo small! It feels so good to be able use 8-10lb weights! It feels great to be able to hold plank and do situps and crunches. It feels great to have sore muscles after a good workout. It feels great to have knocked 3 minutes off my mile since starting! There are sooo many successes you achieve within this program. You can’t help but love it!”

Lenox JuneMore than just an exercise class, Niki G’s Boot Camp is THE Complete Personal Training program for women of ALL fitness levels!

“I like the small classes, attention from the trainers and that it is a female only program. It is fun and challenging.” D.C

Classes Include:

  • Cardio & Endurance Training
  • Strength Training
  • Bodyweight/Functional Fitness Exercises
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Low Impact options and Modifications for every fitness level
  • Pilates and Yoga based cool down

Niki G’s Fitness Boot Camp will help you lose body fat, tone up and have more energy!

“I am enjoying the variety of exercises that we do, and the amount of cardio and weights that we are able to fit into an hour.” Carrie Johnson

082314_NikiG_JuiceBar-101-X2Class Schedule

Franklin Athletic Club

  • 5:15am M-T-Th-F
  • 6:30 M-T-Th-F
  • 6pm T-Th
  • 7:05 Saturdays

Lenox Village Studio

  • 5:15am M-T-W-Th-F
  • 6:30 M-T-Th-F
  • 9am T-Th
  • 6pm M-T-W-Th
  • Saturdays 7:30am and 8:45

Belle Meade

  • 5:15am M-T-Th-F @Harding Academy
  • 8:15am  M-W-F @Edwin Warner Park

Mt. Juliet @Mundy Park

  • 5:15am M-T-Th-F
  • 6pm M-T-W-Th

“I enjoy group fitness. It is a definite motivator. But with the small class sizes, it still feels like a personal training session.” J.W.


  • Ultimate Boot Camp $220 per month  Unlimited classes  Best Results!
  • Power Boot Camp  $200 per month Four Days per week (16 classes) Awesome Results!
  • Basic Boot Camp $180 per month Three Days per week (12 classes) Great Results
  • Mini-Boot Camp $140 per month Two Days Per Week (8 classes) Good for maintaining your fitness level or supplementing other fitness training

The 8 and 12 classes can be taken at anytime over the four week boot camp session. All packages are month-to-month

Early Bird Specials 20% off all Monthly Packages  (purchased 3 weeks in advance)

Drop-in Packages: Need a more flexible package?  If you are someone who travels frequently or has an unpredictable schedule, you may be interested in trying one of our new Drop-in packages.

10 CLASSES   $175

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Each month a new group of ladies will join our classes. They quickly find out that this is much different than any other fitness program they have ever experienced….

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Yoga Classes are also offered at Niki G Studios


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Founded in 2009 by Niki Gauthier

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"I love that the workouts are never the same. They are always tough and I've never left without feeling like I got a great workout! I think the model is unique because it blends cardio with strength training. I love it!"