Class Description

Q: What should I expect to do in class?

A: Don’t expect anything (that’s part of the fun and variety we offer) But do expect only the BEST fat-burning, body sculpting exercises to help you improve your fitness level, tone up and slim down.

Class Elements

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Resistance Training

Resistance Training is how we create lean muscle to shape and slim-down your body. You’ll also benefit from resistance training  by maintaining bone density, increases strength and improving your performance in any sport or activity. Resistance Training in our class is usually incorporated into a circuit or interval set and will include, but certainly not be limited to exercise with following equipment or following forms:

  • Dumbbells
  • Body-weight
  • Medicine balls
  • Resistance bands
  • Kettlebells
  • Barre
  • Yoga/Pilates

Conditioning Drills/Plyometrics

We’ll mix up your workout with Conditioning Drills sand Plyometrics between your resistance exercise. Not only does this help keep your heart rate up for fat burning, these drills will help to develop fast movement and precision reflexes. Plyometics develops power in movement and resilience. Examples of drills and plyometics:  sprints, running sideways or backwards, running tires and obstacle courses, shuffles, kick-boxing movements, vertical jumps, long jumps, medicine ball exercises, hopping, skipping.

 Core Fitness Nashville TNCore

A good portion of your Boot Camp class is dedicated to the core. Many times we will integrate core exercises into your circuit and interval training, but we are also sure to spend lots of time on the mat focusing on  abs with many crunch and sit-up variations and Pilates-based exercises.


Cardio or Aerobic exercise is at least one third of the Boot Camp class. Members are trained to run a mile without stopping (unless medically unable to) and cardio drills are integrated into the circuit training portion of the class as intervals (see Conditioning Drills/Plyometrics below.)  Many of our members are “not runners” when they begin Boot Camp. But they quickly find out that just about anyone can be a runner… and after training with us, they are able to  turn their walk into a run and are benefiting from this effective form of exercise.

 Cardio Fitness Nashville TN

Safety & Injury Prevention

At the beginning of each class we prepare you and your body for workout with dynamic (active) stretching exercises and cool you down at the end of your workout with some relaxing stretches and Yoga poses.

We continuously cue all members with proper form and help out individuals who may need a little extra instruction to perform the exercise correctly and safely.

We don’t expect all members to be able to perform all exercises or all reps. Each exercise can be modified for your fitness level. That way you avoid doing too much too fast and/or become injured.  By filling out your Medical Questionnaire and informing your trainer we can be sure that your boot camp work is never too hard (or too easy) for you.

I decided to join this program after gaining 10 lbs. last year and not feeling good about myself. I have never had to diet and haven’t participated in an exercise program in 20 yrs! Then I turned 40! Putting on that extra weight really made me hate the way I looked. I knew I needed to do something about it. I saw a sign on the side of the road advertising Niki Gs Boot Camp and immediately went home and signed up! I have now lost 10 lbs., 3 in. in my waist and 3 in. in my hips and have never had such nicely toned arms and legs in all my life! I am now able to run almost 2 1/2 miles which is a huge accomplishment for me. I remember the first day of class my trainer saying “we start each class by running a mile”. I looked at her and said “I don’t run. I can’t run across the street!” She said “do the best you can” So I did and here I am! I am so proud of myself and the accomplishments I have made. I never would have done it on my own. Thanks Niki G” M.O Cool Springs

I feel good about myself!! When I started 3 months ago, it was an embarrassing reality check. I’m an active mom to 3 kids, I didn’t think I was that out of shape. I realized in my first workout, I had ZERO core strength! I started off using the 2 and 3 lb weights, I look at those now, and laugh, they seem sooo small! It feels so good to be able use 8-10lb weights! It feels great to be able to hold plank and do situps and crunches. It feels great to have sore muscles after a good workout. It feels great to have knocked 3 minutes off my mile since starting! There are sooo many successes you achieve within this program. You can’t help but love it!” C.Z Cool Springs

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"I like the smaller classes and the variety."