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*Results may vary from person to person

“I began this with a friend who was much better in shape than me. What I found was there are all levels & body types in the classes. Everyone seemed to cheer for each other regardless of level. Being encouraged by others who are also trying to better themselves is contagious!”*

“I decided to join this program after gaining 10 lbs. last year and not feeling good about myself. I have never had to diet and haven’t participated in an exercise program in 20 yrs! Then I turned 40! Putting on that extra weight really made me hate the way I looked. I knew I needed to do something about it. I have been attending since Jan. and have lost 10 lbs., 3 in. in my waist and 2 in. in my hips and have never had such nicely toned arms and legs in all my life! I am now able to run almost 3 miles which is a huge accomplishment for me. am so proud of myself and the accomplishments I have made. I never would have done it on my own. Thanks Niki G”*

“I feel good about myself!! When I started 3 months ago, it was an embarrassing reality check. I’m an active mom to 3 kids, I didn’t think I was that out of shape. I realized in my first workout, I had ZERO core strength! I started off using the 2 and 3 lb weights, I look at those now, and laugh, they seem sooo small! It feels so good to be able use 8-10lb weights! It feels great to be able to hold plank and do situps and crunches. It feels great to have sore muscles after a good workout. It feels great to have knocked 3 minutes off my mile since starting! There are sooo many successes you achieve within this program. You can’t help but love it!”*

“I know I would never push myself this hard and I need that push. I am a much happier, less stressed person since I started boot camp and I really enjoy the changes it’s made in my body and in my life over all.”*

“I was going to the [another fitness facility] about 4 times a week regularly for a year and a half before joining boot camp, and I looked and felt exactly the same as when I started….with boot camp, I can tell that I’m improving (slowly but surely)!”*

“I love the group environment and enjoy working out with all my new friends!”*

“It is doing wonders for my emotional and physical appearance”*

“It is a variety of workouts and I don’t get bored. I work out on my own but you [Niki] really push me and I need that.”*

“I love it & I’m loving the results.”*

“I like the early morning time 5:15am and it works most days with my work schedule…”*

Niki G takes you beyond the limits you ever thought you could possibly meet.  You may be in a class full of other woman but each workout feels as if was designed exactly just for you.  You are able to accomplish so much through Niki’s class that you walk away feeling amazing, not only amazing physically but mentally knowing that you did it.  Niki makes you accountable and responsible for what you do on her time.  After months of experiencing Niki G boot camp, I am feeling more confident in myself and what I can do, but I also love the way my clothes fit me compared to months ago.”*

“I love the way I feel when the workout is over.  I feel refreshed and ready to take on the day.  It may not feel good actually getting up and heading out to boot camp, but I do enjoy the way I feel when I leave.  It is a good feeling to walk away feeling like a new person and ready to take on the day that is ahead of you.  I have also met some great people through boot camp.”

“There is something about boot camp that keeps me going and I think it’s the motivation that I am accountable and [Niki is] going to make sure that I get what I am paying for, while the [other exercise facility]  to me seems like they are just there to take your money and they do not care whether or not you use your membership. ”*
-B.H. Belleview

“Niki G Boot Camp is super!  Niki pushes you but at the level that each person needs individually.  All equipment is provided and workouts are well-rounded to provide a full-body workout.  It never gets dull!  Compared to other programs this one gives you the most for your money.  I love it!”*

-A.C Brentwood, TN

It is amazing to be with a group of girls who are supportive of you and who push each other and there is no better instructor than Niki.  She is the consummate professional.  She pushes you to be the very best that you can be, but she is also cognizant that everyone is at different levels and that is ok.  She accommodates all fitness levels and truly cares about everyone and their well being.”*

B. K. Franklin, TN


“I just want to give you a big THANKS! In January ’08 I was diagnosed with PCOS. I was told by my doctor that losing weight would be very difficult, if not next to impossible no matter how hard I tried. I was unhealthy, unmotivated & overweight. After completing 7 months of boot camp, not only have I lost 20+ pounds and several inches, but I feel so much better overall. So thanks again for providing me with this opportunity and being such a great cheerleader & coach. ” *
M.O  South Nashville

“I have loved Boot Camp!  It is an awesome workout and I feel so good after class.  It is not always easy to get up for the Saturday classes, but I love how much energy I have the rest of the day.  It has helped me get back on track towards getting fit and losing weight and feeling better about myself.  Also, it is great to know that you [Niki is] available to answers questions, offer suggestions, provide information, and motivate toward reaching goals.”*
L.W Spring Hill, TN

*Results may vary from person to person

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"Love the boot camp format, the variety of the workout from visit to vist, the encouraging trainers, and the progress you can make"